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(SOLD) $150 Euro Reef RC135a Recirculating Skimmer


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This is a RARE, one-of-a-kind opportunity to own a brand NEW refurbished from the factory legendary Euro Reef recirculating dream skimmer.  At $150, I won’t be upset at all if this doesn’t sell.  I’d like to be buried with this skimmer.  Check out the BACK-STORY at the bottom of the listing for proper context.

The skimmer was top-to-bottom factory refurbished in 2017.   Cleaned inside-and-out, all new o-rings and gaskets replaced.  New pump and flywheel installed and (sadly) never used.  Not even once.  It’s been sitting in the same box as it was shipped back to me on April 4, 2017, from Aquarium Source (the only Euro Reef authorized dealer remaining to refurbish these classic skimmers).

Skimmer 1.jpg

Serial Number below. Each skimmer was individually inspected at factory before sold and initialed by the technician who actually built it by hand!

Skimmer 2.jpg

Comes with a NEW-IN-THE-BOX factory recommend pump to feed the skimmer:

skimmer 3.jpg

Brand new pump for the newly rebuilt recirculating loop:

Skimmer 4.jpg

This is the factory invoice for the refurbish work done on it.  (I’ve got over $700 invested in this skimmer!)

Skimmer 5.jpg

Factory Parts List.  All new parts, including the NEW Gate Valve – a meaningful upgrade.

Skimmer 6.jpg


The skimmer is included in my SUPER-MEGA-Sump special where you can get an unbelievable package deal!

Skimmer 7.jpg

See my MEGA-Sump Listing for package deal details on how you might own this entire setup (including a MASSIVE stainless steel Tank Stand) for only $300!!!

Skimmer 8.jpg

BACK-STORY:  Okay, here’s the back story.  This goes out to my OG reefers who know a true diamond-in-the-rough listing when they see one.  This deal cannot be appreciated without some context for the company Euro Reef. 

When I first got into Reef Keeping in 2005, Euro Reef was LEGEND.  They defined what it meant to be best-in-class and no brand even remotely compared in build-quality or performance.  It was the Royal Exclusiv, Bubble King of skimmers. 

When I got back into the hobby in 2015 the industry had moved on and Euro Reef was MIA.  What had replaced their superior engineering of the past were IMHO a line-up of cheaply made plastic junk.  I scoured the reefing classifieds for months before stumbling upon this gem-of-a-skimmer at an amazing price.  I immediately bought it for a steal at $200.  It was in good condition and pulled skimmate immediately (no break-in required).  I fell back in love with Euro Reef, and enjoyed the skimmer for a little over year when I moved and had to break down my old system. 

I caught the reef bug again in 2017 and began to fantasize about my dream-tank build.  The center of the guts of the system would (of course) be my Euro Reef skimmer, but they had long been out of business and I thought the old skimmer would RIP.  Out of curiosity, I looked around online for a company that might be able to service it.  I stumbled upon Jason Frick at Titan Aquatic exhibits who happened to be able to service it via Aquarium Source.  He did an amazing job performing a complete rebuild and I was back up and running again!  Then Covid Happened, my daughter moved in with me and bought a cat and my dream got mothballed for a while.  Now my dream skimmer might end up in your lucky hands!

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