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(SOLD) $200 MEGA-Tank Stand


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Measuring 73” Long and 30” Deep, this MASSIVE tank stand is made of 2.5” x 2.5” welded stainless-steel.  The image shows the rear-facing side of the stand with its additional diagonal support brace.  The front-facing side (shown against the wall in the picture) is completely open, providing easy access to virtually any sump configuration.

Stand 1.jpg

The MEGA-Tank Stand is 38” high on adjustable leveling feet.  The image (below) showcases the horizontally aligned double-bar construction of the rear part of the stand, providing the option to run overflow pipes through to a sump below.  This custom design feature allows for flush mounting against a wall. 

The stand’s over-sized footprint can accommodate a variety of tank dimensions ranging from a 100 gallon 72x24x13 frag tank, all the way up to a 375 Gallon 72x30x40 megalodon tank for your deep-water-coral dreams.

Stand 2.jpg

The rusting showing in the pictures is essentially cosmetic in nature.  No part of this stand is rusted through assuring structural integrity of its stainless-steel construction.  I’m not familiar with working with stainless steel, but I think the rust stains could be buffed out?

Alternatively, the stand might serve as the core of an exoskeleton design of your choosing.  For rock-bottom wife-acceptance-factor, just pop yer’ tank right on up there and call er’ a day!

Stand 3.jpg

The SUPER MEGA-Sump (pictured below) was custom designed for this stand.  Check out my other listing for details about the amazing MEGA-Sump special and get the SUPER-MEGA-Sump together with the MEGA-tank stand for a SUPER-MEGA special bonus package deal of only $300!!!

Sump 1.jpg

You read right, get BOTH the $200 Mega-Tank stand TOGETHER with the $300 SUPER-MEGA Sump (shown above) for a SUPER-MEGA bonus package price of ONLY $300.

That’s a $650 value for only $300 - ACT NOW, this deal won’t last!!!

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