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Free Live rock & Corals


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Everything just needs a new home.  I am tearing down the tank.  Will sell all of the equipment afterwards.  Trying to get rid of like rock and corals during the week Sunday Feb 27-Friday March 4th.  I am not going to lie I have had red bugs and aiptasia before, so please use your best judgement and quarentine if you want to.  I have always used natural measures to try and take care of them so 6 line wrasse for red bugs and file fish or shrimp for the aiptasia (so no guarantees they are all gone).  You can take frags of the corals if you want, I really have to work during the week so whatever harvesting needs to happen will be on whoever wants the coral.  I also always did my best to buy aquacultured corals from live aquaria for the most part.  It will be first comes first serve, I am not going to hold anything for anyone.  Just PM me and I will share my cell phone, I work from home so pretty much most hours are fine to stop by.









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Actually still one big rock left.   We could not break it apart. The water is pretty cloudy right now.  Has a big shelf monti-on it. 4 rose bubble tip anenomes, 1 acro, 1 millipora.  will take another picture when the water clears up but here is where it came from in the orginal picture.  Legend picked most of it up because he emptied his 90 gallon.  (this is a pretty big rock everyone)

20220226_111130 left over.jpg20220226_162826.jpg20220226_162830.jpg

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