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Starting over. Looking for a 150+rebuild or new


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Looking for a 150 gallon or bigger tank. 

I said I'd never own a another fish tank but my family surprised me with a smaller tank and my heart is right back in. I had 120 wide saltwater tank that I had rebuilt myself and while I was deployed my ex wife sold it. It's been 6 years and still hurts to this day. Unfortunately I can't afford anything new so I don't mind diy or piece by piece. I am a disabled veteran so I do have time on my hands. I have been saving up. Anyone know where I can get a decent size? Thank you for your time and God Bless 

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Facebook has killed a lot of hobbyest forums unfortunately, some that had hundreds of posts daily are now lucky to have any and may goes quite awhile without naythin new. 


I have a several options you might be interested, all three have internal overflows.  One is a Planet Aquarium 150 with center overflow but no stand or hood.  The other two are smaller, they're at about 110 gallons.  One is a DAS 110 with oak stand staained dark cherry stand and hood, over all length is 60".  The other is a just a custom tank 110 with standard length and width of 48 1/2" x 18 1/2" so it will fit on a standard 90 gallon stand but is 31" tall.

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