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URGENT: Oppose Amendments to Lacey Act in House COMPETES Act HR4521


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A last-minute amendment has been made to the America COMPETES Act (HR4521) that would impact all pet animals except for dogs and cats, despite the originally stated purpose of HB4521 being to strengthen America's economic and national security. We need you to take action today!



This is the link fo rthe list of ammendments refferenced by the PIJAC letter.  Pages 1661 to 1665 are the ones of interest to anyone keeping pets other than dogs or cats.


Lacy Act link


These changes sounds eerily similar to HR 669 from a few years ago.   Looking at the ammendment and the Lacy Act even captive raised animals would be subject to ban.  Some of the critisisms of HR 669 seem to also apply here. There are some very vague definitions open to a wide range of interpretations, it totally ignores what states have already done and and it requires a great deal more beurocracy to deal with what the thousands of non native species already here.



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