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180 Gallon - Full Equipment Breakdown

Blake Herman

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I've been really busy and this has taken a backseat for a while, but it's time to get everything moved out.  This equipment setup new was about $6,000 to set up.

Here’s a breakdown of everything that was installed and running on the tank.  This would also include the frame for the stand and canopy.  They are structurally sound, but it’s just the framing and needs a cosmetic skin added to them.  I never got around to finishing it.  There are a few imperfections in the tank, but it does not leak.  Due to the imperfections, I’m not adding much value for the tank itself.  It's as-is and would be at your discretion if it needs to be resealed, etc.

SOLD - 180 gallon display tank w/ dual overflows
- 20 gallon refugium
- 40 gallon sump
- 20 gallon frag tank
- Dual 4” filter sock setup w/ about 20 socks
- Wood framed stand and canopy
- Surge protectors, etc.

SOLD - Reef Octopus Varios 6 (1720 GPH) return pump (new was $295)

$200 - Reef Octopus Classic 200INT 8” protein skimmer (new was $320)

SOLD - Three Kessil A360W tuna blue wide angle

SOLD - Kessil Spectral controller (new was $100)

$200 - 60" T5 retrofit kit with 4 bulbs (x2 Coral Plus + x2 Blue Plus) (new was $400)

SOLD - Two 72" SB Reef Light Actinic Supplement Bars (new was $600)

$20 - Three TrueLumen 453nm 3-LED moonlights w/ power module (new was $45)

$30 - Two LED Plant Grow Light 45W 225 LEDs for refugium (new was $60)

$300 - Two Maxspect Gyre XF250 (5300 GPH) w/ controller (new was $515)

$150 - Tunze turbelle stream 6105 (700-3400 GPH) (new was $280 and only ran for about 6 months)

$125 - Tunze turbelle nanostream 6095 (528-2510 GPH) (new was $235 and only ran for about 6 months)

SOLD - Tunze turbelle nanostream 6055 (250-1450 GPH) (new was $189 and only ran for about 6 months)

$50 - Finnex TH-S 800W Titanium Heater & Controller (new was $100 new)

SOLD - Aqua Gadget Titanium ATO Controller & Small Pump

SOLD - Three BRS Dosing Pumps (1.1ml per minute) w containers & tubing (new was $250)

SOLD - Seneye Reef Monitor w/ Par Meter (new was $200)

SOLD - 5 Stage RO/DI System (75 GPD)

Please let me know if you have any questions or if want to come and take a look at anything.

I also have a few things that are new in the box and never installed/used. 

Apex Controller (main system) - NEVER INSTALLED/USED - SOLD

Apex Neptune DOS Metering System - NEVER INSTALLED/USED - SOLD

Apex Leak Detection Probe - NEVER INSTALLED/USED - SOLD

600 W BRS Titanium Heater - NEVER INSTALLED/USED - was $110, but I'll take $100

Skimz SS9 Wavemaker (2370 GPH) - NEVER INSTALLED/USED - was $115, but I'll take $100



3-pack ICP Triton Water Test Kit - NEVER INSTALLED/USED - $140

tank 01.jpg

tank 02.jpg

tank 03.jpg

tank 04.jpg

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