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WTB: Rock (dead or alive)


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I got mine out of the backyard. :) We have quite a bit of really nice limestone in Round Rock and if you drill the crap out of it with a masonary bit it looks pretty good. Then you just let it color up with coralline and it is hard to tell the difference. You can find huge pieces that are bigger than your tank on the side of the road (or in the middle of the road around my house :( ). You can burn it with acid to make better look holes and make it look more pourous. I am not sure how economical it is factoring the cost of a drill, bit, and maybe acid, but if you happen to already have the first two I think it is feasible. I have one piece out of the ocean in my tank and it has colored up the rest (at least 100 pounds in my 135g).

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