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Alkalinity / Tang


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I have around 10 fish in my 80 gallon DT. About a week ago I started dosing Alk through my Dos. The plan was to increase it slowly over the course of a week from 6.7 to 9ish. I made sure not to exceed 1dkh per day and everything was going fine until I reached 8.8 range.

One of my tangs started developing what appears to be Ich. I shut down the Alk dosing and started doing some water changes to bring the Alk down a little. Right now it’s sitting at 8.15, it’s been a couple days and my tang is about the same. Not really better or worse. He’s eating normal but a little moody and skiddish. 

I’m assuming this was due to the Alk but I’m not positive because none of the other fish were affected. Did I do something wrong? What should I do at this point? I have a UV set up and running 24/7. I can set up a QT pretty quick. 

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I seriously doubt the alkalinity is the primary issue and I don't see anything wrong with your dosing or levels.  RUnning a UV in the system is what I'd do also.  I've found the most effective way to erradicate Ick is to have an oversized UV pulling water from behind the rock on one side and returning water at the surface on the other side.  (Theory is the best place for cysts to from is behind rock where there's less competition for space and less likey to be removed by animals scraping algae off rocks.)  I know it's not always practical to plumb in a seperate pump and plumping just for a UV.  One option to increase the kill rate of larva in the display tank if a UV is plumbed into the return pump or is running in the sump/refugium is to find a 13 or 15 watt submersable UV with integral pump and drop it in behind the aquascaping someplace where it can pull from behind the rock and send treated water to the front of the DT.

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Thanks Tim, the tang is much better now. I took your advice and dropped a pump in one of the back corners of the tank that’s running to my UV. It was fairly easy since I already had it set up on a separate pump. I also used a powerhead on the opposite side of the tank and I dialed in the correct flow rate for parasites. 

His appetite has been great so I’m adding a little Selcon to his pellets and nori, 2-3 X per week. 

I made a couple adjustments to dkh and lighting and he’s Improving each day. 

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