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Where are the reefers at?

Tony Palacios

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Moved here during the pandemic, looking to get involved with the local reef club. Is this group still active, doing meeting (virtual or in person)?

I am originally from the Houston area, have been in the hobby for about 18 years. I own the Tank Facts website.

Just got two 90 gallon tanks that I should be setting up soon (unless I find a larger tank before I start setting it up).

If I am looking a the wrong group or if the groups is more active in a different place let me know, hope to get to know some of the local reefers, will be looking for frags soon 😁

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Hey Tony - nice to meet you.  There are still a few of us who watch this forum, but social media has taken over in many ways!  Definitely a lot of reef keepers in Austin and plenty of frags available.  

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I'm here...well should I say Im now back!  Been away for 8ish years and now making a comeback lol  FB groups have taken over, and while thats ok, sure is better to have a solid build thread or q&a thread that can be found later via a google search. 


Welcome to the ATX.  Im in Jarrell but still central TX.

Timfish is active and a few others are coming back to the hobby from what I hear.

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Hi Tony, welcome! Covid really curtailed active meetings but thinks are starting to thaw back out.  Similarly social meeting, Facebook in particular, have filled in some of the socialization gap.  As Deririck said, though, there are still definite advantages to history and documentation that the forum provide.  We really view it as a hybrid solution.

Definitely check out FB, one of the groups has a frag swapped planned for January.  That said, it's nice seeing new members here. We're glad to have you and look forward to seeing your setup and build thread!




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FB groups have quickly and unfortunately taken over many local clubs. It's really a shame as well, since there is no posterity and no accountability for content, it's almost impossible to search them as well because Facebook's goal is interaction, not quality, which results in so much bad information out there and then it's gone, then regurgitated again on the same question a few weeks later. I've brought a thread up about this in the past, I got out of the hobby for some time due to personal reasons, but it was really sad seeing this club lose so much attention. It's really an incomparable resource for the hobby. Big forums of many different topics are suffering similar losses in interest as well.

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