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Tank Break Down

Blake Herman

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UPDATE:  Pretty much everything is gone.  I have a few superman mushrooms left and the plate coral, and that's it.  After that I'll get the tank shut down and cleaned up a bit and list the equipment.  

I've been meaning to start this process for a few weeks now and it always seems so daunting.  I've recently had to admit to myself that I just don't have the time to properly take care of my tank any longer so I'll be breaking it down.  It's a 180 gallon display, with a 20 gallon refugium, 40 gallon sump, and a 20 gallon frag tank.  I'm going to start with selling the corals first, then the fish, then the hardware and equipment.  Yes, I know I have algae and aptasia problems, that's part of why I'm breaking it down.

I have several "name brand" SPS, but most of them don't have perfect color, etc.  I'm really not interested in fragging everything into a million pieces, so please take advantage of some large frags and colonies at a great price.  I'm struggling to put together a price list mostly because of the size of things, but if you're seriously interested I would love to discuss offers.  I've included a few cell phone photos of various parts of the tank, and I'll try to list out some of the notable corals available.  I'm happy to meet with any serious inquiries to take a look.

Walt Disney (4" x 6" colony) - SOLD
BC Aquatic-man Table (3" x 2" mini colony) - SOLD
RR Pink Floyd (2" x 2" mini colony) - SOLD
AquaSD Rainbow Mille (1" x 4" mini colony) - SOLD
Oregon Tort (about 3-4" tall) - SOLD
Strawberry Shortcake (2" x 2") - SOLD
CC Habanero Anacropora (3" x 3") - SOLD
BC Backdraft the Movie (about 3" tall but poor coloration) - SOLD
BC Pearly Cadaver (encrusted frag plug w small branch but poor coloration) - SOLD
JF Foxflame (about 2-3" tall but poor coloration) - SOLD
JG Yellow (6" x 8" colony) - SOLD
Z's Dream Monti (2" x 3") - SOLD
Flaming Phoenix Monti (I think?)(Large sections available) – SOLD
Green Slimer (TONS OF IT) – XL (8”-12”) SOLD
Purple Stylophora (6" x 9" colony) - SOLD
Sarmentosa (3" x 4" colony) - SOLD
Atlantic Reef Club Chameleon (3" x 4" colony) - SOLD
JF Dayglow Favia (1.5" x 1.5") - SOLD
BRIGHT Green Lg Toadstool Leather (12" x 12") - SOLD
Green Hammer (8" x 8") - SOLD
Superman mushrooms (x50-60) - Only a few left
Goni from Ty - SOLD
Red Digi (3" x 4" colony) - SOLD
Green Digi (6" x 8" colony) - SOLD
Lg Plate Coral (6-7” diameter) - $40
Red Monti Cap (Various chunks) - SOLD
Mini Colonies of Birdsnest (Various) - SOLD
Rock Flower Anemones (x2) - SOLD

Live Rock and Fish are gone.


reef 01.jpg

reef 02.jpg

reef 03.jpg

reef 04.jpg

reef 05.jpg

reef 06.jpg

reef 07.jpg

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Just wanted to post an update - I thought everything was sold, but it looks like most of it is still available.  Only things sold and paid for at this point are the toadstool leather and the JG yellow colony.  I'm trying my best to keep up with the messages.  Thanks.

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Please text me the the fish list and the price for the following SPS. 2105896740.


Walt Disney (4" x 6" colony)
BC Aquatic-man Table (3" x 2" mini colony)
RR Pink Floyd (2" x 2" mini colony)
AquaSD Rainbow Mille (1" x 4" mini colony)
Oregon Tort (about 3-4" tall)
Strawberry Shortcake (2" x 2")
CC Habanero Anacropora (3" x 3"

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