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Tank break down- SOLD

Blake Goodin

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Unfortunately, my dad was recently diagnosed with brain cancer and I will be moving away for several months to take care of him.  I'd hate to bring healthy, happy fish back to the LFS, so will post here to see if anyone is interested in the livestock first.

The three fish I have were all treated properly with prazipro and fed food soaked in prazi and metro for three weeks to eliminate parasites.  None of them were treated with copper, however, they have been in the tank for five months with no white spots or anything unusual looking.  fish have grown dramatically since I got them and are eating PE pellets and mysis.  


1 Red Coris Wrasse, juvenile - $30


1 Cleaner Shrimp - $10

1 Peppermint shrimp (eliminated aiptasia and doesn't touch my zoas) - $10

1 Randall's pistol shrimp (pretty small, maybe 1") - $10

2 mexican turbo snails - $5

2 Trochus snails - $5










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