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What should I use for flow in my new 330 tank?


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Gyres, Vortech, man I don't know which way to look.  The sides are 3/4" acrylic and the back is 1", I'm really thinking of going with gyres and strong  magnets, but I'm looking for advice.

I do have an Apex, if that figures into the equation.

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Gyres and WAVs IMO. you can power 3 WAVs per EB832. Neptune and ecotech have basically divorced now and any new tech from ecotech is through their proprietary control app mobius. 

Reliability on the WAVs is not quite as good as the ecotechs (i've had two fail in two years but they were bought used). However to me they have more juice and controllability in terms of directionality. zero serviceable parts, except for the impeller as the whole thing is encased in epoxy. 

Gyres provide the bulk of the tank flow for me and i just use the apex to turn their proprietary controller (ICV6) on and off.  Looking back I probably didnt even need the ICV6, it just allows the initial setup to be a bit more simple through their SynaG app. I rarely tweak those settings. 

Cleaning the gyres isnt fun if you do a full breakdown, but I just generally soak them in citric acid now and call it a day.  

Since your tank has a wave to it I would expect it to have some real weird dead spots that the gyres wont get to and would expect to have some individual pumps to keep those areas live. 

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There are a few ways we plan to deal with the recurve front.  The overflow and returns are via 3" pipes near the center of each circle, with returns being smaller lines that come up through the 3" and distribute via directed loc-line near the water surface.  This should let us direct specific currents to create eddies in the curves.  Then I was thinking of adding a gyre for overall tank movement, augmented by a few powerheads.

By WAVs you mean Neptune WAVs? Would I need just the pumps or something like the Neptune Systems WAV 2 Powerheads Starter Kit?

I still have (2) EB8s on my system, no EB832s.  Do I need one or can I run them from the EB8s?

Which brand gyres do you recommend?

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With the overflow and rock tower in the center of the right bow you'll be able hide pumps/wavemakers behind it.  Depending on how we do the aquascaping pumps/wavemakers can be hung on brackets so they can be easily removed.  As far as dead spots, every tank I've moved has had dead spots where detritus has built up.  The only way I've seen to minimize the build up is to use a powerhead to flush out the aquascaping and a diatom filter periodicly to flush out it out  and remove it.  But dead spots or low flow areas are probably important for some of the biochemistry in reef systems.  One example off the top of my head is the carbonate crystals in fish poop won't dissolve at pH of the water column and a lower pH is needed.

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