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3500 PAR LED Cannon for ~$200

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These are instruction for a DIY cannon I designed and was able to have Dana Riddle evaluate for spectrum, wattage and PAR.   The pdf instructions assume someone with basic "lob a blob" soldering skills and a basic understanding of electrical circuits.   The xlsx document has spectral output, wattage and PAR map @ 9" using 16° lenses for the LED stars (other lenses are available).  The basic 2 star & buckpuck circuit lets it be configured as needed.  For example, the recessed fixtures in this video used 13 sets on a 4" x 12" heatsink to make ~250 watt fixtures.


LED Cannon 3500 PAR 45 Watt.jpg


3500 PAR LED Light.xlsx

DIY 3500 PAR Cannon.pdf





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