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226g Peninsula tank with stand and equipment - $750


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In preparation of our move and transfer to the new recurve tank we will be selling the 226 peninsula tank (build thread and extra pics here):

I'll be transferring the majority of the livestock to our new tank between 8/15-8/25, so buyer will need to pick up from our house in south Austin no later than 8/30.  Pickup could be sooner as soon as we have things transferred.

Included are:

  • tank - Deep Sea Aquatics, dimensions 84" x 24" x 27 1/2" tall. It has (2) 2" PVC cross braces, a PVC bottom, and the overflow is centered on the left side with (5) pre-drilled holes for drains/returns/electric. 226 gallons, 433 lbs empty.
  • stand ( 7' x 2' x 36") - interior painted with white marine epoxy, cabinet has been painted black and has a black melamine layer on the back.  The two left cabinets house the overflow/sump/ato reservoir.  right 'dry' cabinet is used for storage and equipment.
  • canopy - custom hand-made low profile 
  • includes the Tunze wavemaker build into the overflow, sump & return pump in stand, BML light fixtures in canopy, and custom auto-topoff reservoir in stand.

No fish included, but happy to convey some of the rose anemones, leathers, and other corals (gold midas paly, rodactis, etc).  Some of the live rock will be available as well since we aren't transferring everything.

Because of the timing and trying to simplify this for the move, I'm asking much less than I think it's all worth.

$850  $750











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