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Corals for Sale


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Selling some Montis and some other corals from my recent rescape.  

First of some big chunky red monti caps.  Each piece is over 2 inches.  There are 6 pieces in total.  $5 each

The next are some equally large pieces of Jason Fox Beach Bum Montis.  These are very slow growers so there size is impressive to start with.  2 x at around 2 inches-$25 each.  Another that is huge, 5 inches x 3 inches-$75

Dragon soul torches.  1 single head-$150.  1 double head-$250.

Rainbow Torch, 1 three headed frag-$175.

Space invader.  Accidental frag so it's a little irritated in the picture.  $40.

Thanks from Lakeway,

Preston 512 656 0720












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