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150 Gallon Full System - Moving

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Houston, TX. Everything is less than 2 years old! Moving in 5 months figured I would use this as an excuse to set up the massive dream SPS tank I have always wanted. Selling my "old" (2 years) mixed reef. Sold as a complete system not parting out yet, please don't ask. Buyer responsible for moving. If buyer uses an insured/professional moving company I will knock $250 off the asking price. Asking $3150. Items listed below:


SC 150 Gallon Starfire Aquarium Euro braced (factory drilled overflow) & 75 Gallon Petco sump, custom stand

Ice Cap 4K gyre w/ control unit, Ice Cap 2k Gyres, Jaebo SCP-150 Gyres *2, Icecap battery backup

Nutrient Control:

clarisea sk 5000 filter roller, IOAIO 200 gallon DC Skimmer, Simplicity secondary DC Skimmer, SantaMonica 1.2 Algae Turf Scrubber


BRS BlackBox winner Viparspectra 300w LED panel * 2, Single T5 Daylight Spectrum


Jaebo 4 head pump, 5 Gallon Acrylic Black ATO Box, Tunze ATO system and pump, Two little fishes 3 part dosing container


AI 16W Fuge Light

Lifeguard 55W UV

Hyger 1350 Return Pump

Two auto feeders

Double DJ Power Switch Panel

Weipro ET50 Ozone

BRS C02 Scrubber

BRS Lid/Net








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