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Live rock with Coral


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Hello All

I have decided to rescape a bit.  I am selling either in pieces or as a whole tower.  It's three rocks in total.  Most coral will be removed except where it has based out.  All rock is well established

Bottom rock is about 5 lbs.  Covered in pink interstellar mushrooms and another mushroom.  The rest of the corals will come off (goni and jawbreaker). The zoa rock on the bottom is not attached and therefore not included.  $115

Middle rock is over a pound or so.  Has a red monti cap and a Jason Fox beach bum monti.  Some of both will be removed but will still be sold as rather large colonies. Will also not include the frags glued to the red cap. $50

The top rock is just over a pound as well.  The base of most of the stuff on there will be impossible to remove.  On there is a pink lemonade, a diablo milli, a tranquil milli, and a jade dragon milli.  Each on their own is well over $100 per frag.  $125.

Or all in for $250

I circled the stuff that won't go for the most part. Yellow lines indicate where the rocks separate. They have a wooden rod between with no glue or epoxy.


If interested please call or text. 512 656 0720








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