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Wanted to buy Torch, Hammer, Frogspawn


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Just getting my tank back to a good stable point after my snow apocalypses "nuking of my tank".   Wanted to if any one has some Torch, Hammer, Frogspawn they might want to sale a few heads of.  I have been watching for some standard green, purple and see very little of these now?  I remember several years ago back these were easy and cheap to acquire on ARC thinking due to Covid there might be a lot less posted not sure? or a lot more peeps have been hit with the same apocalypses issue.   Hoping someone has something to sale me and get me started, or trade.   I do have a bunch of green monster Star polyps that lived and is taking over a few rocks I need to thin out, I have a large rock of waving hand Anthelia I could chip several hands off it has grow back out well and some palythoa I believe they are called artic ice Palys.  They have grown on a couple small frag rocks that I could also trade if anyone would be interested.   let me know thank you!

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PM'd,  Yeah, a lot of people lost stuff including myself.  I do have several "baby" polyps you can have NC.  You'll need to carefully super glue them to rocks, they're pretty boyant when expanded.


Baby Green Purple Frogspawn.jpg

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