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ASD Memorial Day Sale - 40% off - 24 Hours Only - Monday 5/31


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ASD Memorial Day Sale - 40% off - 24 Hours Only - Monday 5/31


1. 40% Off Code ACTIVATES TODAY 5/31 - MONDAY - 10am PST, 11am MT, 12pm CST, 1pm EST!  You may purchase prior, however, the code WILL NOT BE LIVE TILL TIME MENTIONED.  We will not adjust or credit if you purchase before code is live, no exception. 

2. Code to use is "USA40"

3. PRESHOP NOW and check out right when the code is LIVE to secure your pieces!

4. Please check out completely to secure your order.  Having an item in your cart doesn't mean it's saved for you, other customers have a chance of purchasing it if they check out first.

5. Website - www.aquasd.com

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