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Custom Crystal Dynamic Aquarium Peninsula Tank


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Up for sale is my 180 gallons tank, stand, hood, sand, sump, filter socks, return pump, and fully plumbed aquarium. I'm in the process of getting ready to sell my house and need the tank out before showing. I didn't want to temporary store the tank then move it again risking breakage. Instead, seeing if anyone is interested; otherwise, I will be forced to do a double move. I will be keeping the livestocks and relocating them in the next few days. If everything goes well, early June it will be ready for pickup.

Tank Setup Description:

The aquarium is a little over 4yrs old, I started setting it up back in early 2017. It is custom made by Crystal Dynamic Aquarium out in California. The stand and hood dimensions are 63" x 27" 1/2" x 70" 5/8" (LxWxH). The stand height alone is 35" 5/8". It's a Malibu style aquarium with brown mahogany stain. The stand has three doors on each side and one in the front for the electrical box. The electrical box recesses 6" for all the controllers. The hood has two lids that I've taken the hinges off and replaced them with 2" blocks on each corners to help let the LED light heat out. I do still have all the hinges to be put back on. 

The tank is a peninsula setup with Starphire glass for the three viewing sides. Tank dimensions are 60" x 24" x 34" (LxWxH); the volume is almost 212 gallons but the overflow takes away from that. It's much closer to a 180 gallons depending on how much sand and water level. The glass is 1/2" thick with euro bracing. There are some very minor stretches on the glass but not noticeable unless they're pointed out. There is about 160 lbs of CaribSea Arag-Alive Special Grade Sand, this will just be given away as part of the sale.

The tank has an overflow box plumbed in a bean animal drain configuration with blue 1" PVC pipes. I should have one extra pipe of the blue PVC (giving away with this). There's a 1" swing check valve union on the inside of the overflow. At the bottom in the sump area, there's a 1" gate valve to control the water level and a shutoff valve on the return pump.

The sump is a Trigger System Tideline 36 (white) that has two slots for 7" filter socks. I have 10 filter socks included in this sale. The return pump is a Reef Octopus VarioS-8 water pump 2700 GPH running since Jan 2017. Never had an issue with the VarioS-8, regular cleaning and it has been running great. 

Paid $4800 in all; Asking $3000 for everything listed. Please feel free to ask any questions or want to come by to take a look at the tank. 






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