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Need reefer to feed/observe (for $$) while I travel...

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Hi everyone, I live in the Riverside area of SE Austin.  I have a 40 gal. mixed reef tank and a 20 gal. mixed reef tank.  They are somewhat simple, lights are on timers, no skimmers, etc.  These tanks need to be fed every 2-3 days and I'm looking for someone (a hobbyist) who can spot problems (if they arise) and take care of them.  I think a visit would take 10 minutes and I'm happy to pay $25 per visit, and I'm happy to pay you if anything else needs to be done.

Is anyone interested?  Or perhaps you have a son or daughter who's knowledgeable in the hobby and could use a little extra cash?  OR I would be happy to trade your services for mine -- I'll feed/observe your tank(s) while you're away traveling?  I already tried an aquarium maintenance guy and it was $$$$ for fish feeding, and one of the tanks looked like crap when I returned.  

Anyway, if you're interested please text me at two13 four46 three660.  Thanks! John  

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Hopefully someone here is happy to help.  I would suggest to writing down a list for whoever you do get to help.  List not only the things that need to be done and might need to be done but also things not to do.

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