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Wanted: Caulerpa and Cheato


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Hey Euclid!

I am setting up my sump as well and i will need some of those macro. If you ened up getting more than you need, can i have some from you?

I am soaking the power head right now. Will give it a good cleanning then i will let you know. Dena just dropped them off for me about few hours ago. I have maxijet 900 and 1200, which one you prefer?

My fuge needs some help, anybody have any Caulerpa or Cheato they could donate? :)
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I have a mixture of both in my sump! If you are ever over here you are more than welcome to some! I need to trim it anywayz! Lots of pods! Im in Killeen!

Hey dusint21 If you still have any left I sure would appreciate it ! :)

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