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Gold Head Morray/File Fish...you got?


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I'm going to give in and move the eel out of my tank. He's got to be at least 2 feet long by now. I haven't seen him since I moved in April...nothing more than his head anyway. He may be 1 1/2ft. He comes out to eat when I shine the flashlight in the rock looking for him. He typically doesn't bother my fish, but I'm sure the ones that like to hang out in the rocks at night have gotten eaten while they are asleep because I've lost some small wrasses. He eats mostly silver sides and also likes raw shrimp...strange that he doesn't bother the live shrimp in with him.

Also have a file fish living in my sump. Suppose to be reef safe, but this bugger LOVES shrimp of any kind. I would not trust him with shrimp. He's about 2inches...have had him since July...changes color to comoflage himself at night...usually a yellow sargassum color, but turns paler at night and his blotchy-like spots show up more.

Looking to trade each for another fish. Maybe some type of tang, yellow corris wrasse, some type of anthias...let me know if you are interested and what you have. I will be dismantling the tank over the weekend in my attempts to catch the bugger...say a prayer for my fingers LOL. I'll get pictures up tonight.


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