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Rare Lone Star Leather Mother Colony for sale

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Beautiful Bright Yellow centerpiece for any tank. Too big for my tank, so I need to sell. This is the rare Lone Star leather that everyone wants and is rarely available. I noticed that someone else has put up some Lone Star frags which would be more appropriate for smaller tanks. (looks like they are sold out) I didn't want to chance fragging mine and possibly loosing it and it is a gorgeous coral as is and not something that I would want to frag. As I said earlier it is a centerpiece. I bought it for $100 and it was about a 1/3 or less than it is now. It has grown into about two of my fists together and I have large hands :-) (large). It is obvious in the pic in the back right corner.

Now that my Acros are growing I'll be removing most of the non-SPS from my tank so this is the first piece to go. I'll have some really pretty Acan colonies and Euphyllias coming up for sale shortly. (you can see them in this pic as well). 

Price is $250 as is, if you wanted to frag it you could make money on it, but that would be up to you. I like as is so I'm not fragging it.


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It’s an umbrella. You literally just cut the outside circle off and into Frags. Probably the easiest thing to frag, but hardest thing to mount since glue doesn’t work. Rubberbanding to a rock or plug will usually do the trick

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13 hours ago, KimP said:

That's a beautiful leather! Good luck with the sale. I'm looking forward to seeing the listing for the lps.

Thanks Kim, I'll have them on here in another week or so. 

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