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Sump and 20 gallon RR Tall Tank


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Sump measurements are 30"L x 12"D x 16"T. Brand is ESHOPPS and according to their site it is good for 150g to 200g systems. It's acrylic, used and has some scratches, but does not leak. Comes with the hose and black thing the hose connects to that fits over the left opening. I took the photos before I pulled that out of the closet...asking $80 OBO.

20gl tall tank that is reef ready. It is drilled inside the overflow as well as the upper back right corner. Used it as a refugium and it doesn't leak, but the black trim in the back is cracked on one corner. It needs to be cleaned, I just don't have time right now. Asking $20.

I'm in Cedar Creek and work downtown Austin. I can't deliver this anywhere, sorry.


[email protected]




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