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cabinet and stand, skimmers, lights, etc.


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I will be moving this cabinet and stand (now on craigslist for full description: http://austin.craigslist.org/for/878091915.html). Right now I have it listed for $800. I plan to move it over the RCs consgnment area as soon as I can bet the help to do it. Just letting everyone here know before I do.

I also have a VHO light fixture w/ 2 bulbs - $40, Gen-X pump, 48" T-5 (with 2 bulbs) light fixture - $40, Sequence pump - $150, Trigger Systems skimmer - $150, and Aero Foam clone skimmer - $100 I want to giet rid of.

Here is a pic on the cabinet.




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Here are the dimensions from theother add, so yes, based on the dimensions for the recessed area for the tank, I think it would be for a 220g.

Cabinet is extremely strong with metal posts supports inside, finished in Sedona stain (cherry), and includes an electrical panel with 16 double plugs all tied to a switching center. Other than metal supports, canopy & stand are made of REAL WOOD, no particle board.

Light canopy is open on top, allowing maximum flexiblity for lights and preventing heat build up.

Total dimensions of cabinet are 33 1/2 " (at maximum distance) front-to-back, 86" wide (or long), and 38 1/2" high. Part for tank is recessed, and dimensions are 26 1/2" front-to-back, 72 1/2" wide (or long), and 36 1/2 " high.

This canopy and stand is easily worth $2000 or more, however I am moving and it has to go. Selling for $800.


I don't think we can get it in the Suburban. I was going to ask my neighbor with a truck if he would let us load it and drive it over to RC, but would need yours (and a couple of more peple's) help to load and unload it. Can you give me a call later today - wanted to talk to you about this weekend and the big move date.


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