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Maintaining Proper kH


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How is everyone maintaining the proper kH in their setup?

I am simply blasting through Alkalinity Buffer (B-Ionic) like there is no tomorrow!

I can't seem to get the kH (now at 5) over 7 or 8 maximum. By the next day, it's at 5-6 again!

Ahhhhhhhhhh !!!!!

Salinity is 1.025

pH is 8.4

Nitrates 0

Nitrites 0

Calcium 450

Water changes 15% every two weeks (~35 gallons)

Thanks for the tips!

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I was having the same problem when I finally broke down and got a calcium reactor. It was well worth the investment and now I rarely need to supplement (it can still very slowly inch down, so that a little supplementation is need approximately once every 2-3 months).

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Well, there you go! Guess I need a Calcium Reactor!!!

Might try to build my own...Anyone have any success with that? I hate the thought of spending 8 bills on a "plastic tube" with CO2 attached!

Talk to cmanning. They have a DIY setup.

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I don't get it, how your calcium still 450 if your KH is dropping

they have direct tide relationship ==> something is using your kH and it's not your coral or calcification process then

I also made a big calcium reactor, work like a charm, but I was just tired of dosing stuff, after a few week tuning, i dont look at it any more, maybe once a week to make sure the level is still right. red/purple calcium algea is growing quickly over glass and rock, so are coral. Suck to remove the algea off the glass, but the mag float with attached blade does a great job--> just have to be careful around the seam ha ha

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