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Need some 29 gallon skimmer ideas.

Bill B

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I have a 29 gal Reef tank which sits on my dresser so I don't have a refugium or sump. Currently I have a Super Skimmer 65 but it is such an eyesore. I may have read the instructions incorrectly but it also seems it doesn't even fit. If the bubble diffuser box is supposed to be at least 1/4" above water level and it is over 3" tall and the pump is supposed to be within 3" of the top the pump ends up being canted somewhat to even fit.

But I digress. My real issue is how much it changes the look of the tank to have a relatively large pump and diffuser stuffed into the tank. Being relatively new to SW I am wondering if there are different arrangements, perhaps even with different skimmers to make the hardware in the tank itself, not quite so prevalent. Perhaps there are other skimmers, with a smaller in-tank foot print. I had bought a used acrylic box, similar to a CPR Bak Pak I think, intending to use it in my 75 (with a sump). It only has a spout which is the return but it is too big for my 29, especially being a double pump. And maybe this don't work as well? Lastly I am a charter member of ' SW on a Budget' so anything doesn't go.

I currently have just a chromis and a fire fish in it, but was planning on having one or two other smallish, peaceful fish like maybe a clown goby and a royal gramma. Perhaps I should be looking at macro in a box?? I'm not as concerned about the overall appearance of what is around the tank - just what the focus area (the tank) looks like.

Any suggestions or directions to look?


Bill Brister

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I had a 20 gal and I had the same issue so I went with a Tunze Nano skimmer. It sits in tank, but everything is housed inside the skimmer box so it looks very nice and neat. I put mine in the corner and since I had a black background installed on the tank, and the skimmer is black, the skimmer box would blend right into the background.

The best part of the skimmer was that it worked and worked well. The skimmer I used before would never get enough bubbles to get a skim going which was really annoying! The Tunze took about 2 days to get "primed" then it was off to the races. On top of that, it didn't release micro bubbles into the tank, which was a very nice perk.

The only draw backs I'd see are two things:

1. That they aren't as cheap as other skimmers - $155. But since it worked, I'm happy to pay for something that works vs. being cheap and pulling your hair out over a skimmer that is a POS!

2. They seem to loose efficiency fairly quickly. About every 4 days I have to pull the collection cup and give it a quick cleaning. Its not like it is a chore - cleaning the cup will take you about 2 minutes - but it is something to be noted.

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