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75g FOWLR ideas

Robb in Austin

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Howdy all,

Just thinking out load here so let your ideas fly.

I have 2 75's setup as FW, that I am not planning on taking down anytime soon, and was thinking

what I would do with them once the current occupants are no longer swimming. (Besides sell both

and buy a bigger setup!! :) )

I was thinking some type of FOWLR, perhaps with some low light/dirty water softies/zoas/rics, etc, but not

real sure which fish I would stock.

Maybe a large group of anthias or chromis. I'm not thrilled with an aggressive tank, other than an eel.

Can a purple/naso/sailfin tang work in a 75? Not all at once obviously.

I like the idea of color and movement with 1 or 2 showpiece fish.

What would you do?

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I wouldn't put any Tangs in a 75. It's just too small. Actually any show fish might be hard. A bunch of Anthias or a mated Flasher Wrasse pair would be really cool. Or you could do like you said and sell both tanks and get a bigger one.

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