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Need help choosing a Canister Filter

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So I have a 1 year old 55 Gallon Reef tank with only a couple small fish and few coral.  I have been running a Marine Land Penguin 350 HOB filter since the start.   I want to add more bio load to the tank in the next few months and I think that my filter is having trouble keeping up.  Since my tank is not drilled and a Sump is not an option I was thinking that a canister filter would be my best option.  To be honest I have had tanks my whole life but have never considered a canister filter.   Does anyone have recommendations preferably  < $150.  Or at least advise on things I should be considering when looking at them?

Side note if it matters:  Tank is LPS and Softy coral and smaller size fish.  I also run a BRS 2 stage reactor with GFO and carbon.  and I have converted a small 2 Gall HOB breeding box to a Refugium with cateo.  Not sure how well it works but mainly I wanted a place to grow pods since my wife wants a Mandarin.  


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Honestly man I'd save that canister money and delay your bioload purchases. Keep an eye here and on FB for the used equipment market. You'll be able to find something in your size range for not that much more than the canister youre talking about that is drilled and has a sump. Problem solved. 

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I have to agree with Ian on a canister filter.  I know people have been successful using them on reef systems but my experiences with them they are prone to leaking as they age and if there is a power failure they will go anerobic pretty fast then when power is restored a bunch of hydrogen sulfide can be dumped into the system killing stuff.   Keep in mind a great deal of the nitrification and denitrification in a reef system is done by corals so systems can be maintained with very little equipment.  Here's an example of a system with no filtration:




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