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Leak Detection and Auto Shutoff Help


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Hello All,

I need some help on a DIY project.  I am trying to put together a system not really aquarium related to where if a leak is detected a valve can be shut off.  Here's the kicker and all without a controller or access to wifi.  A float valve won't work in this situation either.  So I am looking for a solid by cheap leak detector and some sort of an actuated valve (for regular polyethylene tubing) and a way for the one to trigger the other.  

Any thoughts out there or ideas?  I am sure this has been done before, but i can't seem to find it on my searches.



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First you need to find a always open solenoid the the tubing will fit into. Then you need a sensor pad and something for the sensor to report to, which will shut off the solenoid.. I dont have time to look for a cheap solution today. But im sure there is something out there.

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