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Nano_Steve's Return


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Howdy y'all,

I'm not sure if anyone here is from the original MAAST group that I was in or not but I was a pretty active member a few years back. Lots has gone on in my life since then (went to and graduated from A&M, moved to Canada and lived/worked there for 6 months) and now I'm back in good ol' ATX with a new tank I'm about to set up!

I've got a 16g bowfront with a CPR Backpack/Protein Skimmer combo. So far I have a 150w Coralife H.O.T. Metal Halide with I believe a 16k Ushio, but I don't remember for sure. It'll have a nice little chiller/heater combo I've had for awhile and I will be running an old SQWID (sp?) off of it for some extra return flow using a Mag 5.

I'm just now in the process of getting moved into my new apartment (all bills payed mwahahaa, no expensive AC and lighting bills for me!) and I will be looking for rock and sand as soon as I get everything painted and setup the way I want it.

I look forward to getting back into the hobby and if anyone here remembers me lemme know!

Thanks, Steve

P.S. Pics to come.

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