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Does anyone know.....


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Has anyone seen the new (to me) tank setup that's at the entrance at AquaTek? I guess you can consider it a nano.........I believe is a semi-circle. Wondering who makes it? just curious.


Here you go...the tank in their store is a Cardiff Aquarium w/55w2C Pendant, you can also order them with the mh. With the PC it's $799.00, however with the 150HQI its $929.00. (prices were copied from nanotuners).




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Well, regardless of the name, I like the sleek design and the stand. I'm so used to the look of my 36g. corner bowfront tank w/seahorse, when we get to remodel the kitchen counters that tank will have to go. In the meantime we have to make a decision on the placement of contents of the 36g. tank. Wonder if 24g. tank will sustain the critters we have in there.

I didn't realize that it's new name is cardiff. I just thought it was the new solana.


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