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whats he doing?


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It has been theorized that they do that to build up their immunity to the anemone's sting.

Interesting. As soon as my tank raised false percs were put into my tank, they shortly there after had sting marks on them from the corals. The older they get, they seem to have fewer, but the original ones are taking a while to heal.

I have noticed a new sting mark on the male of my clowns right on his mouth. Both of them are still building up a tolerance to the stings. The larger (presumably the female) has quite a few more sting marks on her left side, but in the last few days the smaller (presumably the male) has started getting new ones while the female's are finally going away.

Are there any ideas how long this process takes, or if there is a way to help them recover quicker? The only real direction I have right now is to keep them well feed with quality food and perhaps adding a bit of garlic to the food.


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