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48" PC fixture...perfect for retro-fit


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I'm selling my old PC fixture. Currently it has 2x65W actinic and 2x65W 12k daylight bulbs. The bulbs need to be replaced and the ballast probably need to be replaced as well as they are running hot.

The fixture has moonlights built in, but 1 is burned out, the other 3 work fine.

This fixture would be perfect for a T5 retrofit, or you could just replace the ballast and bulbs and keep it a PC fixture.

Each type of lighting (moonlight LED, actinics, daylights) have their own power plug and switch so setting up independent timers would be easy. There are 2 cooling fans that work fine and they turn on with the daylight bulbs.

The fixture also has legs with hinges so you can tilt up the fixture to work on your tank.

$20 or I'll trade for some crazy zoos or yellow mille.

Lights on my 55g so you can see what the fixture looks like installed


Bottom of fixture and moonlights




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