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2x250W Metal Halides w/Night Light, 48" enclosure - $200


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I am clearing out all of my old aquarium gear (except for the books) and am selling our old metal halide lighting system. It's 2 250W bulbs in a 48" metal enclosure, external ballasts, with a night light installed in the center. The bulbs have less than 30 days on them (bought them near the end of a tank's lifespan, and then my brother just got out of the hobby rather than try again). Have the original MH bulbs so you can see the difference, and have 2 extra night light bulbs.

The enclosure looks a lot like :


Without the PCs.

Looking for $200 for the setup. That's less than I paid for these bulbs with shipping, and 1/3 the price that Marine Depot wants for the enclosure without bulbs! :)

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Bump. This light is still available. I am moving to a downtown condo (yay!) and need to get this gone before I make the move. Original price was $200, I had a few low offers at $150 - times change, anyone interested? Reply, PM, or email.

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