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Huge Show Aquarium


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i have a 144 Gallon half cylinder oceanic aquarium in very good condition that will not fit in my new place or at the office it is sitting at my old place needing to be out of there by next week. i have provided pictures that were taken a while back but the tank has been drained and cleaned and i apologize about the poor pictures.

heres what you get:

144 g tank and stand (as structurally sturdy as the day i bought it and virtually scratch free)

25 Gallon Sump with huge area for refuge and a 130 watt fuge light that mounts right on, drilled and equiped with

an iwaki 40 external return pump (rated at 1190 gph)

heres what i want for it:

2 X vortech 40 gen 2 pumps and battery backup


2 X Tunze 6105 (or equal), multi controller and a wavebox



the sump you c in the picture is not the one im including. the one im including is bigger and custom made. its much nicer

210-978-6399 joel




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