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I got different worms!

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I only buy from 1 store, and it is my fault.

But what are these?!?!

I just bought a 20/20 cuc and now I started seeing these things.

No corals in this tank, just a few cheap fish.

Someone help please!



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2 hours ago, Sascha D. said:

Dorvilleidae, a subspecies of bristle worms. From what I've read, that's as big as they get but still sting like other bristle worms. 

I am not to sure. I actually caught one from my smaller tank and took it in. They said it was a bristle worm and it was 5 times the size of these little ones. It had legs like a centipede.

These are smoth kinda like an earthworm, but then again they are still tiny.

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Most worms that we encounter in our aquariums are harmless, with the exception of medusa, bobbit, anchor and flatworms. I've never encountered the worm that you're picturing above, but it looks like they're probably okay. If they're on the glass, then they're eating pods or algae. They're really too big to be a fish parasites and you would have noticed a decline in coral health if they were bothering them. A big reason that we keep wrasses, dottybacks, and hogfish in our aquariums is for pest control. 

Related image

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