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Greetings ARC,

I'm glad to find what looks to be a really active club here in the Austin area.  I suppose I'm what you would call a returning reefer, though I think the term reefer would be generous in describing my past efforts.  In college I had a 40 gal that went from a marine tank with UG filter, to a FOWLR tank (interesting story there with a mantis shrimp), to something resembling a reef tank with a lot of algae in it.  In that time, and in the time since, I've done a ton of reading and researching, never really giving up on the idea that I would one day have the ideal reef tank.

I'm currently looking to set up a small nano tank (28 gal bowfront) as a family project with my kids.  This was a project that I wanted to do years ago, and had started to acquire equipment for including the tank and lighting.  The project was never completed, and when we moved several years ago, the space I had planned for the tank went away.  I've decided to start the project over, still with the kids, but wow have things changed in the years since I was first researching this project!  

I know I'll have to adapt a bunch, including replacing equipment that I paid good money for years ago, but is now not supportable (CF lighting).  I still need to find the right spot for this project, and the kids and I are working on that now.

I have some very specific plans for the tank still, and I hope to find a great supportive group here to help out.  Thanks to the Founders and Mods for their efforts in making this club happen!


Kind Regards,


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Welcome to the club! Sounds like a nice size to start out with. I agree, lots of things have changed over the years. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

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