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Multiple Guitars For Sale


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If you are a Musician I have a few guitars that I'm selling. I build my own so I'm not into most other makers any longer.

Here is what I have:

1.) Ibanez Musician MC-200 sn/ D787559. It's a 1978 with the most beautiful Ash/Mahogany laminated neck thru body. Very Rare.

2.) Gibson Les Paul Standard Model, Goldtop. sn/ 82779549. This is a reissue of a 1953 Les Paul to exact specs including P-90 pickups.

Extermely Rare. I have only ever seen 2 others anywhere. Have letters (emails) from Gibson attesting to this fact.

3.) Framus, Jan Aakerman Model, sn/ N/A This guitar is one of only 14 in the world. Rik Emmett, guitarist for the group "Triumph" put this guitar on the map as his main axe. He owns six of them. I have a personal letter from him attesting to it's authenticity. Mine is one of 8 that was stolen at some point in the '70's from a warehouse in Canada, alledgedly. The importer was long since out of biz prior to my purchase of this guitar in Germany in 1982. And statuate of limitations had ended then as well. It is a 1973 model that is a cherry-sunburst with a single f-hole and single cutaway with a sustain block, neck thru body construction. It's is autographed on the back by Rik Emmett of Triumph as well.

So Rare, I've Never Seen Another Like It For Sale Anywhere!

All of the above have Hardshell or Flight Cases with them.

4.) Oz Custom Guitars Model "JP" (Joe Perry) This is one of my own Custom Guitars that I have built. This is a guitar that I built for Joe Perry of Aerosmith. It is a Dean "Cadillac" body design with a Gibson style Explorer neck and headstock. Both body and neck are Birdseye Maple and the body has 9 ply Birch and Mahogany pinstriping through the center of the body. LSR gearless tuners and Seymour Duncan Pickups. It is hand rubbed in tung oil and hand waxed in a natural wood finish. This guitar is a 1988 model. My guitars are one of a kind. There are no two alike anywhere!

Serious Inquiries Only. You'll need to play them to appreciate all that they are.












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I do build my own. I find they are better than most, albeit I don't use a CNC to form any part of the guitar. And I can mold and fit them to each player. Most people that play the first guitar that I made love it but find the neck a bit too narrow however, it fits my hand perfectly!

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