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Robb in Austin

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Howdy all,

I've been thinking of adding some type of coral food to my feeding regimen and was wondering what everyone's

opinion is. Currently we feed the tank 2x/day, mostly flake food and pellet with occasional frozen.

When I feed frozen I usually thaw in RODI water, sometimes in tank water, and dump the water left over into the tank. My thinking is

there are still some nutrients that the coral and clams can utilize.

Livestock is: royal gramma, 2 Clarki clowns, green chromis, tailspot blenny, green clown goby, 6 line, 2 clams, Xenia, Galaxy, Montipora cap,

rics, zoas, snails, hermits, Caulastrea, Trachyphilla, and a Euphyllia. And some GHA and red slime. :D The skimmer is in tank and would be turned off if

I start coral/filter feeding.

I'm looking at the "normal" coral foods: DT's Phytoplankton, Oyster eggs, Reef Roids, Coral Frenzy, etc.



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We used to add DT's for our corals and clams........but after finding out that the more substance we put in.....the more we're polluting the system. Now, we only feed our fish a mixture of (chopped ocean shrimp, krill, mysis--well rinse w/RO, and cylopeeze). We alternate days by feeding nori, then whatever the fish consume, must come out in smaller particulates as coral food.

If you have smaller fish you might need to supplement w/ a "little" of DT's, phyto even cyclopeeze.

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Honestly I think you would be fine without the extra food. The GHA and red slime are probably indications you are overfeeding already.

By the way flake food in particular and pellet food both will add phosphate to your tank if any goes uneaten. They may also be the culprits.

Anthony Calfo says the best coral food is fish poop. So you should already be feeding that! :D

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