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Tank breakdown sale **more stuff added!!!**


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Post updated 1/12/19 - accepting offers on all items

Main system - SOLD

60g cube rimless tank w/center overflow – some light scratches due to cleaning over the years - $200

Planet Aquariums stand w/included sump and ATO reservoir - $200 – sump and ATO reservoir are acrylic and custom-made to fit the stand

Sicce Syncra Silent 2.0 return pump – $50

Other items

Tunze Silence 1073.02 pump – BNIB - $50  

TLF veggie-mag feeding clip - $10 

Tunze Comline DOC 9001 Skimmer - appears to need a new impeller or new pump - $40


Sold items

Hydor Koralia Slim Skim skimmer - $20

5-gallon water jugs x3 - $5 ea.

Hydor 100w heater - $10

Flipper magnetic cleaner - $20

EcoTech Radion XR15w Pro w/modified XR30 tank mounting kit and Reeflink unit - $300  **I have the boxes and serial numbers for these

BRS 5-stage RODI unit – including new DI resin and RO filter – tubing has suffered from some cat attacks and could use swapping out. - $80
     ***sold victoly

Bubble Magus BM-T01 
     ***SOLD Mothball

Skimz SN143 Monzter Mini Protein skimmer - $100
     ***SOLD EelKeeper

MP-10wQD (black) x2 - $100 each 
     ***both SOLD BBReefer

Tunze Osmolator - $20
     ***sold o0zarkawater

Tunze Nano Osmolator – $10  
     ***sold o0zarkawater

TLF150 reactor w/extender kit 
     ***sold Marvollo

BRS single reactor w/MJ1200 pump
     ***sold Marvollo

Bubble Magus BM-T01 (yes, a second one)
     ***sold Marvollo

All items are to be picked up at my home in 78758; I take cash, Apple Pay, and PayPal (you pay as a gift or pay the fees). 












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Listing updated 1/2/19 - accepting offers on all items!


MORE STUFF!!!!!!!!

Eheim Jäger 150W heater - $15

Marineland 100w heater - $10

Refractometer - $20

Hanna Alk checker - no reagent, needs new batteries (very easy to change) - $25

Lot: chemicals and tests - $40

LPS food: $20

Modified MJ900 - $10

Filter floss, homemade frag tray, large magfloat, timer - $5/ea. or free with other purchase










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On 12/28/2018 at 8:25 AM, kreeper87 said:

I am interested in the Hydor Koralia Slim Skim skimmer.

Hi, sorry, just seeing this - unfortunately it's been taken.  Updating listing now.

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UPDATE: tank has gone to its new home.

Still have Tunze Silence pump, Tunze Comline skimmer, 100w heater, Alk checker, LPS food, and the chemicals/tests lot.  $100 OBO takes all remaining items, otherwise, priced as noted above OBO.

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