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42 Gallon Hex Tank Build

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The AWC ( Auto Water Change ) has been transferred to the Control 4 . I programmed an output on the Archon to signal the Control 4 that everything is ok to proceed with the AWC. The output programming is in the screenshot below. The output is programmed as normally off. It is setup to turn on if any of the selected alarms are true. The leak detectors, sump overfull, sump under full or salt water storage low alarms will turn on this output which will alert the Control 4 not to run the AWC.


The Control 4 alert input is programmed as shown in screenshot below. It uses a sense port set as a single point leak detector. The normally closed contact of a relay that is powered by the Archon output setup above. So when the output is on the relay contacts open to trigger a leak alarm on the input of the Control 4 named AWC Alarm.


The AWC output on the Control 4 is a 12v output and drives both the fill and drain dosing pumps. The type of output is set to generic and uses 1 input for control. That input is AWC Alarm and activates when dry. This output Has Schedule is set since this output will operate on a timed schedule. The output used is Drive Port 2. The output is active in all modes. Since that is the default I did not have to change those settings. Since this output is using the Archon to determine if it will run the Depends On setting is not used here. Since the output runs multiple times a day Enable Advanced Settings is set to true.


The output settings are continued in screenshot below. The start time is set to the first instance of the runtime. The runtime is set for 15 minutes. This is the runtime that was set on the Archon. I want it to run for 15 minutes three times a day so the run count is set to three. The Run Interval is set to 6 hours since I want the run start times 6 hours apart.


I am monitoring this output with a Archon switch input via  relay contacts. The graph from that input is shown below. The extra output shown late on the 18th was when I switched the pumps over to the Control 4. So far all looks good.



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I have got a little further with control board for the garage. I still have to do the boards for the pumps valves and solenoids. That will get my workbench cleared. The top left corner has the two remaining PC4's in the garage. The left one energizes relays and the contacts activate a sense ports on the Hydros collective. The right one still powers the pumps that dispense from the tanks on demand. One of them does transfer water from the mixing station to the fresh salt water tank when needed and the mix tank is ready to use. The relays are mounted on the din rail on the bottom board. The din rail also has a 12v power supply and two dual rj45 breakout boards that are used in getting signals from the tanks under the work bench. The cables are long enough I can roll the tanks out to access them when needed.



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