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I'm working on picking substrate for my 210 gal, predominantly SPS tank. It will have 2 big gyres plus other spot-flow pumps around the tank for dead-zone mitigation. 

What do you have, do you like it and do you wish you'd done something different?

edit this should probably go in like general reefkeeping, mods please help i need an adult. 

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Special grade or white starboard. CC is too big, finer sand makes a mess. I’ve debated going barebottom but I just love the look of sand too much

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Since I don’t recognize white starboard, I’m going to guess special grade.

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12 hours ago, eddius-maximus said:

Tropic Eden Reefflakes. It's my goto sand.

This is what I used as well when I put my current system up, I like it.  My two gyres do create enough flow even after about a 1.5 years to make a bald spot in the center of the tank when the flow collides.  Maybe I need some sandbags for the grains to make them a bit heavier? ;)


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+1 Tropic Eden.  I mixed 1/2 and 1/2 reef flakes and mini flakes, and threw a few bags of the live versions in with mostly not live. 

I think you could go with just the reef flakes if you wanted to and be fine.  These are the specs for the various grades

Aragasnow - 0.5mm
Tonga Special Pink - 0.8mm
Miniflakes - 2.0mm
Mesoflakes - 2.7mm
Reefflakes - 3.0mm
Reefflakes Grand Select - 4.5mm
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