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Breaking down - JBJ frag tank and accessories


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No longer have the time or desire to keep up with this tank, so it's time for it to go!  More items will be posted as I have time to sort through everything and get it cleaned up.

- JBJ 20g rimless frag tank w/MJ1200 return pump - I tossed the black egg crate (it was too nasty to be able to get it clean) but have a sheet of white egg crate I'll throw in.  Otherwise, this tank is clean and comes with every OEM piece. - $140

- Tunze Comline DOC 9001 Skimmer - appears to need a new impeller or new pump - $40

- Hydor 100w heater - $10

- 3xHydor Pico Evo circulation pumps - $10 ea.

- Koralia Nano circulation pump - $10

- Flipper Nano magnetic cleaner - $10

- Off brand tube holder (for return pump, dosing pump, etc.) - $5

- Off brand look-down box - $5 (oval, est. 7" across)

PM for interest; lowball offers will be ignored.  You pick up at my home in 78758.  I take cash, Apple Pay, and PayPal (gift only, otherwise you pay fees).  Thanks in advance for your interest!











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