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Free Custom Frag Packs on orders over $150!

Cultivated Reef

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We have a fun offer for you!  Place an order of $150 or more (fish excluded) and you will receive 3 FREE CORALS!!!  On orders of $199 or more we will even pay for the shipping!
You will get some say as to what you want.  Are you an Acro nut?  Then we can send you 3 free acros.  Do you love zoanthids and palythoas?  Then let us know and we will send 3 free zoanthid frags.  Want a combo of things, then just let us know!  All you need to do is write us a note in the check out notes letting us know what you would like.  Although we get to decide the exact coral that goes into your box we are more then happy to hear your wish list.  Let us know specifically what you want and we may surprise you.  But at the very least you will get to decide what types of corals you will get (AKA softies, lps, sps, zoos etc). 
Also be sure to take advantage of our incredible sale that we have running right now.  Here are just a few examples of the current deals...
Tank raised ultra Rose Bubble Tips 25% off!
Jedi Mind Trick just $34.99!
Strawberry Wines now 20% off!
And many other great buys found here!  Hurry though, this offer ends on Monday October 8th.
Thanks for looking,
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