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It's about time i got on here

Matthew Musat

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I am sixteen, I've had fish since I was four. My dad helped me with maintenance of course, but when I was around nine, I started doing all of the maintenance myself.

But that was all freshwater. I didn't setup my fish saltwater tank until 10 months ago. Due to the budget of a 15 year old, I settled with a 32g BioCube as my first saltwater tank. I have since learned that maintaining a reef is much more fun than keeping african cichlids. This summer, I was fortunate enough to get a partime job at Austin Aqua-Dome. I decided to continue working weekends during the school year. 

This sounds a little silly, but this hobby has always been a part of my life, and I highly doubt I will be leaving anytime soon. 

I thought it was about time that I got more connected locally and perhaps attended few frag swaps. 

I've attached a picture of my tank. The picture is a couple weeks old, but is still doing well. I dose 2 part for my low level sps, but have not successfully kept acros yet.  My end goal is to upgrade the light on the tank, because the BioCube stock lights aren't that great to say the least. They can barely grow the monti digi, seriatopora, and pocillopora that have. 

Tank Stock: two ocellaris clowns, a royal gramma, a pink spotted goby, and an atlantic pygmy angel. There's also a cleaner shrimp and I've since added a mini carpet nem and a porcelain crab.

Sept 12, 2018.jpg

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