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Pham Rainbow anemones $45 + Superman Rhodactis


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Two decent sized Pham Rainbow anemones for sale as long as they stay where they are/easy to remove.

Both have about 5-6" oral disc.

$60/ea  $50/ea





Superman Rhodactis rocks

Larger one for $80 has 14+ on it

Smaller one has 5 giant ones currently splitting. Probably be 8 in a week. $50



Georgetown nights and weekends. Arboretum area during the workweek.

Bonus photobomb


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8 hours ago, Derek Weise said:

Nice anemones. I have a few similar colored ones. They are really awesome to watch. Did yours split in the tank?

Yep. I've had this lineage for probably 6 years. I don't mind several anemones, but they need to stay put on their side of the tank. Once anyone starts walking, they gone.


Honestly they aren't as colorful as they were under MH. The cheap LED I'm running now doesn't bring out as much yellow/orange as they used to have.

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hey Ozarka. Man, i jumped the gun a bit with the nem. I havnt payed my tank much

attention over the last year, and just balanced my tank back out. I really want your nem, but im dosing peroxide and about to dose fluconase to knock out some stuff, and its better to hope you have one in a few weeks. I'm glad my lady slowed me down.  Sorry to not come through.

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