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Derek Weise

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Howdy ARC,

I'm Derek. I was a member a few years back but kind of dropped out for a while. I have a 375 gallon mixed reef tank. The tank dimensions are ~8ftx3ftx3ft. I have 5 G4 Radions lighting it. I love tangs and schooling fish. My tank currently has the following fish:

  • Purple Tang (1)
  • Vlamingii Tang (1)
  • Sailfin Tang (1)
  • Blue Regal Tang (1)
  • Chevron Tang (1)
  • Ignitus Anthias (2)
  • Blue Green Chromis (1)
  • Starkii Damsel (1)
  • Pink Skunk Clown (2)
  • Lamarck's Angel (3)
  • Blueface Angel (1)
  • Flame Angel (1)
  • Potter’s Angel (1)
  • Bicolor Angel (1) 
  • Red Coris Wrasse (1) 
  • Melanarus Wrasse (1)
  • Flame Hawkfish (2)
  • Marine Betta (1)
  • Starry Blenny (1)
  • Japanese Waspfish (1)
  • Orangetail Dottyback (1)
  • Redtail Trigger (1)
  • Bluespot Puffer (1)
  • Golden Dwarf Eel (1)
  • Skunk Cleaner Shrimp (1)
  • Coral Banded Shrimp (1)

Yes, I have names for most of them. Yes, I can pet my Vlamingii Tang. Yes, the Bluespot Puffer is an experiment.

In the past few years I've been becoming more interested in SPS. I started with a few montiporas, then got a birds nest, a stylophora, and an acropora. They are all doing very well and are growing insanely fast. I have a zoanthid outbreak right now. I'm trying to rid my tank of these pale blue jerks, hence the Bluespot Puffer. So far, tongs work best!

I'm not good a taking tank pictures. I'm looking to build a cabinet and canopy on my tank, I just don't know how to go about it. Tips wanted!

I started keeping a reef tank in 2006. I've picked up a few tricks along the way too. I'll share where relevant or inquired.



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Howdy back at cha!
Glad to see you returned as well.
That is an awesome tank set up, slight hint of jealousy there.

But all the same welcome back. I hope you recognize some of our more senior members.

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Welcome back! That's a great looking tank!

We got some stick addicts here so when you're ready for more, ask around!

I'm hosting a club meeting at my house in North Austin October 13th from 12-2pm if you want to meet some other members. We haven't had one in awhile so most everyone will be meeting a lot of new people I'd imagine.

Topic is "Keeping acropora" and I'll have a bunch of large, cheap frags for sale as well.

Start a build thread when you get a chance. I'm sure you'll get peppered with questions about your system soon! It's a beauty!

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