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Palys Overextended?


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Hi All,

I have a 29 gallon that's mainly soft corals. Today I noticed some of my palys are almost overeextended? They're open, but instead of the frilled edges going out around the mouth they're folded down facing the sand. Also the palys almost look to be stretching up?

Is this just a sign I need to move them higher up in the tank/that they need more light? I can post a pic if that helps - outside that all the other corals - mushrooms, GSP, xenia, yellow polyps, leathers - all look normal and happy. 



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Good Morning! Do you have a picture? Generally speaking, polyps that are extended more than normal for that type are searching for more light. Each type of polyp is different and palythoas have a longer stalk that other types of polyps. Another good indicator is when the polyps have faded or "washed out" coloring. They can sometimes turn brown as well, but that's normally an issue with high nutrients or the wrong spectrum of lighting. 

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